Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!

Everybody loves football right? Well even if you don't like the sport, you will like this cake from Cakes by the Pound. Its a Dallas Cowboys football helmet cake-just in case you don't like football.
The Dallas Cowboy cake was ordered for a rehearsal dinner. Do you think they are Cowboy fans? Oh yeah they are.
What is underneath? It is an Old fashion red velvet cake with Godiva white chocolate cream cheese butter cream. The cake as well as the jersey are completely edible.
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Fantasy books

What does Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride and Eragon all have in common? Well yes, they are all books, and yes they have all been made into movies, and yes they are all fantasy books-I guess the trivia wasn't to hard-but the real answer is Mendy from Cakes by the Pound has brought them all together to create this super cool kids birthday cake.(Yes I am biased)
What we have here is a cake made to look like 4 books, each book representing a series from the characters, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride and Eragon. The cake was for a young bookworm's birthday. These books are his favorite, so Mendy came up with this design for his birthday cake.
The characters on the books were sculpted from modeling chocolate.
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Gabriel Vidauri
A small fact about Mendy, she is a music fanatic, one of her favorite artist is Tucson based Tracy Shedd-well now you know and Mendy will probably give me the the evil eye for posting this. 
Any way back to the awesome grooms cake pictured here.  I am sure you all guessed it was a guitar. The cake is a chocolate blackout with Valhrona chocolate ganache, fresh rasberries and Valhrona crunchy pearls sprinkled through out each layer, covered with her white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream.
I don't think anybody got on stage and tried to smash this guitar.
Yes, I did have to deliver this one but I made it with out any new gray hairs.
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