Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Cake

What does a parrot handled umbrella, floral print tapestry bag and a spinning carousel have in common?
Nothing except that Mendy implemented all of these elements to create a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cake!
We got a call from our friend at Cal-tech's Atheneum inquiring about a last minute cake order for one of their members.  Their daughter was turning 4.
Well the birthday girl loves Mary Poppins and everything Mary Poppins. So a Mary Poppins Cake is what Mendy made for her.
Talk on the street is that Mary Poppins herself showed up at the party and even led a kite flying contest.
I was a bit shocked when I walked into the bakery and caught Mendy watching Mary Poppins-she said she was doing research-her research lasted the whole show!
After her research Mendy came up with this design..

The cake was to have Mary Poppins floral tapestry bag-edible, her fancy parrot handled umbrella (non-speaking-phew) penguins, spoonful of sugar, as well as other elements and oh yes a carousel-
I was even more shocked when she told me she promised the client that the carousel would spin-great, more time in the wood shop for me.

Well Mendy made a fantastic cake-I know I know some of you as we do often wonder, it looks good but how does it taste? Well I would bet money that her cakes are pretty Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I am sure those of you who have had her cakes can vouch for me. Ingredients are the key!
So now for the cake-the cake was our Old Fashion Natural Red Velvet Cake (why is it natural? Pureed Beets for the color) layered with  Godiva white chocolate cream cheese butter cream.
The other tiers were my favorite-Chocolate Blackout cake. Each tier has 4 layers of cake filled with dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate swiss buttercream sprinkled with Valrhona crunchy pearls.
All of this cake talk is making me crave some cake! I wonder if Mendy has any cupcakes left from her 2500 cupcake order from last week?
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When Pound meets Vidauri

This past year we had a very special wedding to prepare for, it was probably Mendy's biggest and most important wedding. It was also a destination wedding, on a small farm in Northern Florida It was her wedding! TO ME!
Now, being in the wedding industry we know how these things can get crazy. We both didn't want to get caught up in the hype and both agreed we wanted to get married some place special, a place that had a special meaning to us-not a hall or a rented church, we chose her family farm-where I proposed. 
Now the guest list, so many people, who to invite? We sat down, each wrote down our list and realized it was longer than we both anticipated. Luckily we both remembered how frazzled some of our brides are in trying to please everybody and how the whole meaning of getting married gets blown out of porportion becoming more of a big party for everybody else-we tossed the list away and agreed-immediate family only. We both were torn by the decision but realized we wanted a small intimate wedding-it worked.
Well Mendy insisted on making the cake, her mother insisted on making the food, and her father insisted on me showing up. Well the food was great, the cake was awesome and yes I did show up. So here is a small taste of some of the pictures-These were taken by Amber, one of our photographers from Smitten Photos. The pictures I took have yet to be approved by Mendy- :0/ but here is a link from the fantastic photographers who documented our wedding-Amber Humphries and her crew from Smitten Photos you can see some pictures of the wedding and Mendy's AWESOME CAKE!
Thank you smitten!!

Big Red to the rescue!

Big red was smokin red hot from all the mixing and whipping in the shop today. She busted out 2000 plus cupcakes and is still kicking!

We did 2000 cupcakes for E Network's 10th anniversary a few years back and we were happy to be asked again. My best friend Tracy was visiting from Tuscon who also has a passion for baking....we will put that passion to the test, ha.

Nothing fixes a long day of baking like a Humbolt fog salad and a glass of vino! Thank you for dinner Gabriel!! :)
- Mendy

My Fair wedding with David Tutera

Well the show aired yesterday and I thought Mendy did great. We are both pleased on how much air time we got-LUCKY US! We loved the fact the show was able to air the tasting.

Mendy always puts a lot of effort into all of her tastings. I know because I always get to make the coffee. Whoopie! Unfortunately I do not make coffee very well, ask poor David Tutera-after I collected his cup I found a bunch of coffee grinds in it-I told him it was a special Russian blend-he didn't believe me :0/
I noticed one thing missing from the show...the big payoff!

For us anyway. They never showed the cake-well they did show the back of the cake but not the front and the front is where all the action is.
 They did not show the hand painted tier made to look like a clock, the talking flowers (they really dont talk but have faces on them-lol) or the drink me bottle. Fortunately Mendy had enough sense to take a picture of the cake-so here it is in all of its glory and a few of some of the smaller cakes too..

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Cakes by the Pound + David Tutera=My Fair Wedding this Saturday!

When we were asked to do "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera" we were very excited. Why not the last experience with them was so much fun and such a breeze, everybody involved was a hoot. The cake came out amazing and matched the setting perfectly. Thanks in part to Mendy and David's collaboration on the cake design.
This time it would be a little more involved-the production company wanted to film a segment of My Fair Wedding in our little pastry world-our shop. David and the whole crew were going to be in our shop, lighting, setting up and directing. 
Luckily I was not pretty enough to be on camera, they only wanted Mendy-who wouldn't? Many of you who know Mendy know that she HATES to be on camera, unfortunately for her she looks good on camera! HA! (yes my opinion)
The cake design was pretty frickin cool, the theme  (Alice in Wonderland) was pretty frickin cool, the whole event was pretty frickin cool. Mendy only had a limited amount of time make the cake, not only one but....Oh I dont think I can say-you will have to watch this weekend on the WE network. 
It airs Sunday the 16th at 9:00 p.m.
All and all the experience was fantastic and like always David Tutera and his team were amazing and made Mendy feel 100% comfortable. A huge thank you to David and his team from me! For a sneak peek you can follow the link.

Thank you for reading-