I do over

I failed Cakes by the Pound this week-On Sunday (Funday) Mendy and the bakery appeared in a segment on WeTV's new show called I Do Over.
I did mention the show on a blog way back when we first shot the segment but that was so long ago!  I labeled the blog Flash Back Cake. The reason it was labeled flash back cake is because it was a Do Over cake and anybody doing any wedding over, its gonna be a flashback. I have the cake pictured (again) on the left, for those who did didnt get a chance to scope it out..
Any hoot check out the episode, you can see Mendy do what she does well and get a little looksie at the bakery!
Thanks for reading and enjoy the show.


Dia de los Muertos

Recently in the last few months some people may have noticed that we no longer have our Cake studio on Valley Blvd. We have been receiving emails asking us where we have moved too-no fear I am currently in search of a new bigger building. We apparently out grew our first location and decided to make the move. It isn't as easy as it looks finding that perfect spot.
Any hoot, the lack of space and not having a space to work out of was driving Mendy crazy-she needs to make cakes. Mendy decided to expedite one of her career goals and has begun teaching cake decorating classes on a limited bases at The Le Cordon Blue in Pasadena. 
Her position has allowed her to keep her passion alive as well as pass on her knowledge to the next generation of cake decorators. 
Fear not brides to be or special event coordinators, Mendy is still taking on a limited amount of orders. 
We are still searching for our building and seem to have a few possible prospects but until then Mendy will continue teaching what she does best as well as pumping out AWESOME cakes such as this one she did with her fellow instructors Chef Missy Chapman, and Chef Fausz for Zona Rosa Caffe at the Pasadena Play House 
 Mendy spent quite a bit of hours carving out the coffin as well as the skull for the show piece. The coffin and the skull was then covered with fondant, yes all the decorations are edible. After they were covered the best part began-decorating the skull. She hand painted some pretty cool designs on the skull... then fondant patterns to give the skull texture. 
They finished off the skull decoration with some roses and butterflies made by her fellow Chef Missy Chapman, my contribution? I painted the teeth gold and painted the roses with edible gold-yes I stayed in between the lines.
Now for the coffin...I think it was the coolest thing when Mendy started to paint on a wood grain texture-If I would have known how cool it looked I would have had her paint our walls at home.The coffin was finished off with some iron handles made of fondant and some edible laced draped around the top of the coffin.  

Another one of Mendy's co-workers Chef Fausz skillfully and meticulously decorated 2 sugar skulls with royal icing toping off the sugar piece. The finished product is pictured above with Mendy and Missy-Chef Fausz was still in class-JK

Thanks for reading!
Gabriel Vidauri