Its Lions Tigers and Betty White?

Yes, I it has been a while but not too long this time. As many of you know Mendy decided to take on a little more these days and give back to the future Pastry chefs and started teaching cake decorating classes at Le Cordon Bleu.
Well guess what? They (who is really they?) I guess in this case the PR people at the LA Zoo, asked the school to make a very special cake for Betty's (5th or 6th) 90th birthday party at the Los Angeles Zoo and the school asked Mendy to lead the team!
Well I tell you what, this cake is going to be hard to beat! I know, I have seen it-its awesome! I am sure Betty White will think the same, she is an avid animal lover and sits on the board for the Los Angles Zoo. Well the project started about a 1 month ago-sketch after sketch and finally a design everybody thought suitable for the event.
This was a school project, Chef Mendy Pound led the design team that consisted of students who contributed with the decoration. All of the students came in between, before, and after classes donating there time to help in making, painting and sculpting the elements for Betty Whites Cake. Here are the ROCKSTARS pictured!

The cake had to feed over 1000 people so this task was left to another talented instructor Chef Paul Rocque -he volunteered his students. And boy did they come through!

The whole team came through, the result was the cake pictured.

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Pasadena Magazine

Many of you may have already heard but then again some of you may not have-Mendy has been teaching cake decorating classes at Le Cordon Blue as well as making awesome cakes such as the one featured in this months (January 2012) Pasadena Magazine-hot off the presses.

Cakes by the Pound was approached by Pasadena Magazine to design a different style of cake for their January Issue, one that would "flirt" with the imagination yet have style.
Mendy came up with what you see pictured. She implemented blown sugar decorations, hand paintings finished off with gold painted accents (all edible) -even the stand is edible! Just kidding, its made of wood, that would hurt your teeth if anybody tried to eat that, or you would get splinters in your gums.
Back to the cake - The cake flavors are.....oh wait buy the magazine to check it out.
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