Working Mans Dessert

We all know that Mendy can make pretty awesome wedding cakes but I always forget how awesome her "specialty" cakes are.  I know she enjoys making specialty cakes, especially when the client gives her creative freedom. So away she went!  This cake was made for Sanz Construction.
She ended up creating this cake: I am sure you guessed it, yep its a workman's tool bag (arent you clever). 

All the tools, pencils, paper and other stuff are all edible and made out of sugar!
Yeah I am proud of her, now only if she would let me sample more of her cakes. 
The tool bag cake is Cakes by the Pound's traditional Old Fashion Red Velvet (colored with red beets instead of food coloring-just like they used to make it in the south), with Godiva white chocolate cream cheese buttercream. 
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Gabriel Vidauri

Flash Back Cake

These days Mendy has been very busy keeping up with this years wedding season. I guess the economy is doing better, or perhaps more people are cheating on their New Years resolution and slipping on their diets, therefore wanting more cake! Ok its a stretch I know-
There are new pictures on the way from some of Mendy's latest cakes, I just have to locate the drive-hhmm.... not good.
Any how, I bring to you Cakes by the Pound's latest honor. Pictured is a cake Mendy for Wetv's new show, I Do Over with host Diane Valentine . The cake is a interpretation of the 80's meets the new generation. What does that mean? Watch the show!

The show was so much fun to do! Mendy hates being on TV and hates me bragging about it but I write the blogs lol.  The production came by arranged this and arranged that, lit up the shop and bam! They filmed a segment for one of there episodes. Cameras and lights where everywhere. I hid in the back!
Mendy had such a good time with Diane Valentine and her crew she forgot it was for TV. She almost walked away with the sound guys microphone-lol 

Now for the cake-Mendys creation was a 5 tiered Mix of bling and sugar hydrangeas and blood red roses (like the ones we showed up with at the prom in the 80's-I should know).  Each layer also had some handmade and painted gold sugar tiles as well as sugar broaches  and sugar poured jewels. Just enough bling to bring you back to the 80's but without all the hairspray.  

Now for the inside of the cake. There are 5 tiers and I am not sure how they were divided but bare with me. The cake consisted of a vanilla butter cake, with fresh berries tucked in between each layer, covered with a  Godiva white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and MY favorite, chocolate blackout cake with Dark Valrhona chocolate ganache and Valrhona crunchy pearls covered with Godiva white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream.

On another note I would like to give a shout out to our friends at the Whole Foods Market on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, they are always good for cake ideas and inspirations. Thanks guys!
Thank you for reading!
Gabriel Vidauri