Trick or Treat

By now, the pumpkins have withered away and Halloween has come and gone. The  Turkey commercials have started and the Christmas sales have begun.
Mendy LOVES Halloween-me not so much. Maybe I dont like it because it always has to do with me wearing some kind of tights or very long socks or something. 
Mendy loves Halloween because she loves making costumes like the one she made last year-a nice box of Dunkin Donuts, she got me a fat suit because we were on MPT (Mendy Pound Time) AKA down to the wire and had no time to make or this years costumes-a pair of Nerd Candy Boxes.
Mendy loves making costumes because she gets to paint on something other than cakes. These are not edible but Mendy did implement some of her skills in making them. The foundation is a U-Haul box.  Mendy painted the boxes with the necessary colors to match each of our nerd boxes. Then she cut all of the lettering as well as the nerd characters out of foam. 
My contribution-the idea, and the suggestion on how to paint the nerd candy-big deal.
Thanks for looking and try not to laugh too hard at me.

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!

Ok many of you dont know what or who this is, but those of you who are a little bit more pronounce in the world of the nerds, its a Robbie the Robot from the classic Lost in Space tv series. 
Robbie is the old school version. They had 2 versions, the upgraded black Robot and the cool retro one, pictured below. 
The bride and groom wanted something to show there love for sci-fi genre with this grooms cake.  Mendy's and as well as my favorite part of the cake was the head, since the original head is clear glass we made it out of "pulled" sugar. It was one of my first times messing with the stuff-I thought it was pretty cool.
Thank you for reading-