Yup, first there was Platinum Weddings now there is Platinum Babies. We got a call from the producer of the show and asked us if we were interested in doing something for the show-Mendy said no, but I of course said "hell yeah" I figured it would be good for business. The show is set to air sometime next month.
Mendy was given the invitation for inspiration which happen to be, 2 peas in a pod. What she came up with was a 3 tiered cake with baby elements on it. The cake consisted of 3 flavors: Pistachio cake layered in passion fruit and pistachio French buttercream, Chocolate Blackout cake with Starbucks coffee, and Old Fashion Red Velvet with Godiva white chocolate cream cheese buttercream. The end result is pictured. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. That looks awesome and the description of the flavors made my mouth water...*Godiva white chocolate* yum!

  2. Just wanted to say Hi and congrats! I always knew you did amazing work but am even more impressed than before with each cake you create. It's great to see everything going well! Give Nikki and Gabe my best. =)


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