That Morning Show

Now a days there are so many "cake" shows-everybody has some kind of idea, but they want to see some kind of drama-the only drama we have is me driving the car when I have to deliver a cake. 
Well we got a call from a production company about doing a segment on their show, "That Morning Show". At first we were somewhat hesitant but I convinced Mendy it would be fun, especially since I had no plans of taking part. lol 
After speaking to them we realized the episode was just a story about kids cake trends.
We know trends, at least what our clients are asking for-custom one of a kind cakes. After going through our orders we found one we thought would be good for their show. A mother (Beatriz Amano) wanted to surprise her 8 year old daughter (Olivia Amano) for her birthday. Her surprise was to have Mendy recreate a cake her daughter drew/designed. We decided that we would surprise her here at the shop with her cake and a camera crew! We thought she might be a little camera shy, but boy we were wrong-total ham! 

The plan: Mrs. Amano and Olivia would come to our shop to pick up a cake for their "friend", Mendy would surprise her with a edible recreation of her very special birthday cake. The crew would capture all of this on video and then interview her. 
Olivia was surprised and we were happy to be part of her wonderful birthday surprise that was captured on video. I hope the segment came out great!

Gabriel Vidauri
Operations Manager
Cakes by the "Pound"

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