My Fair wedding with David Tutera

Well the show aired yesterday and I thought Mendy did great. We are both pleased on how much air time we got-LUCKY US! We loved the fact the show was able to air the tasting.

Mendy always puts a lot of effort into all of her tastings. I know because I always get to make the coffee. Whoopie! Unfortunately I do not make coffee very well, ask poor David Tutera-after I collected his cup I found a bunch of coffee grinds in it-I told him it was a special Russian blend-he didn't believe me :0/
I noticed one thing missing from the show...the big payoff!

For us anyway. They never showed the cake-well they did show the back of the cake but not the front and the front is where all the action is.
 They did not show the hand painted tier made to look like a clock, the talking flowers (they really dont talk but have faces on them-lol) or the drink me bottle. Fortunately Mendy had enough sense to take a picture of the cake-so here it is in all of its glory and a few of some of the smaller cakes too..

Thank you for reading-

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  1. Hey mendy,
    You are awesome, Cindy and I are sooo proud of you. Stay sweet and be happy in all things.
    Bob alias The Tipsy Gypsy


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