When Pound meets Vidauri

This past year we had a very special wedding to prepare for, it was probably Mendy's biggest and most important wedding. It was also a destination wedding, on a small farm in Northern Florida It was her wedding! TO ME!
Now, being in the wedding industry we know how these things can get crazy. We both didn't want to get caught up in the hype and both agreed we wanted to get married some place special, a place that had a special meaning to us-not a hall or a rented church, we chose her family farm-where I proposed. 
Now the guest list, so many people, who to invite? We sat down, each wrote down our list and realized it was longer than we both anticipated. Luckily we both remembered how frazzled some of our brides are in trying to please everybody and how the whole meaning of getting married gets blown out of porportion becoming more of a big party for everybody else-we tossed the list away and agreed-immediate family only. We both were torn by the decision but realized we wanted a small intimate wedding-it worked.
Well Mendy insisted on making the cake, her mother insisted on making the food, and her father insisted on me showing up. Well the food was great, the cake was awesome and yes I did show up. So here is a small taste of some of the pictures-These were taken by Amber, one of our photographers from Smitten Photos. The pictures I took have yet to be approved by Mendy- :0/ but here is a link from the fantastic photographers who documented our wedding-Amber Humphries and her crew from Smitten Photos you can see some pictures of the wedding and Mendy's AWESOME CAKE!
Thank you smitten!!


  1. aaaaawwwww! I love you guys!!!

  2. HOORAY! Thank you for sharing photos from your most special day - wow! Absolutely charming setting, you both look amazing and delighted. Ah, love and laughter -- may you both have an endless supply!!
    (PS love the "cheese" cake - fabulous!)

  3. félicitations, à la famille et une longue vie heureuse à vous deux


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