Inside Weddings Summer 2011

Summer edition? Really what happen to spring? Right I may have spent my spring days and nights assisting Miss Mendy Pound make all of her fabulous wedding cakes for all the spring weddings-Well spring is gone and here comes summer and here comes the summer issue of Inside Weddings Magazine. 
Cakes by the Pound by Mendy K. Pound was very fortunate and honored to be mentioned in a featured wedding done by the magazine-Ting Sung and Che Wang wedding story. The wedding was spectacular. It was held at what was once known as the Pasadena Ritz Carlton and now The Langham Huntington Hotel. 

Now for the cake, It looks awesome! lol my opinion of course and Mendy would just die if she new how I brag about her cakes, so lets keep it on the down low. 
All the decorations on the cake are edible, we can start on what took the most time-the ruffles. Mendy did each ruffle by hand and meticulously made and put each ruffle down herself, I offered to help but all I tried to do is eat the cake-o well
The bottom 2 tiers were my favorite, chocolate blackout with Valrhona crunchy pearls and a whole lot of chocolate love inside. The top tiers were Old fashion red velvet with Godiva white chocolate cream cheese buttercream.  
The cake design was motivated by an old victorian theme and a mix of everybody's favorite vampire flick-Twilight.

Now I just need to explain to Mendy all of the extra Magazines I bought.


  1. What a beautiful cake!!!!

  2. Thank you Mendy for a beautiful and delicious cake. Many guests said it was a big highlight of the wedding!


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