Working Mans Dessert

We all know that Mendy can make pretty awesome wedding cakes but I always forget how awesome her "specialty" cakes are.  I know she enjoys making specialty cakes, especially when the client gives her creative freedom. So away she went!  This cake was made for Sanz Construction.
She ended up creating this cake: I am sure you guessed it, yep its a workman's tool bag (arent you clever). 

All the tools, pencils, paper and other stuff are all edible and made out of sugar!
Yeah I am proud of her, now only if she would let me sample more of her cakes. 
The tool bag cake is Cakes by the Pound's traditional Old Fashion Red Velvet (colored with red beets instead of food coloring-just like they used to make it in the south), with Godiva white chocolate cream cheese buttercream. 
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Gabriel Vidauri

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