Alice in Wonderland

Phew, sorry for not updating the blog in a bit but all is good I am ready to pick up my duties once again.
The Millionaire Matchmaker episode aired a few days ago- Mendy had the pleasure of working with Patty Stanger on her cake design as well as cake flavors for her upcoming wedding (she did get engaged this season). We both had a blast working on the show. Hopefully Patty doesnt try to fix Mendy up with a millionaire! You can follow the link below and see Mendy and Patty

The production company, Intuitive Entertainment, as well as the folks from Bravo were awesome!

Now I know the movie just came out but I thought I might share with you an Alice in Wonderland theme cake we did last year. It is based off of the original, not the new one with Johnny Depp, but I do know if Mendy had the opportunity to create a cake based off of the new show, she would LOVE IT! Well here it is-like always Mendy loves to make sure everything is edible and taste great!
Thanks again!

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