Cakes by the Pound + David Tutera=My Fair Wedding this Saturday!

When we were asked to do "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera" we were very excited. Why not the last experience with them was so much fun and such a breeze, everybody involved was a hoot. The cake came out amazing and matched the setting perfectly. Thanks in part to Mendy and David's collaboration on the cake design.
This time it would be a little more involved-the production company wanted to film a segment of My Fair Wedding in our little pastry world-our shop. David and the whole crew were going to be in our shop, lighting, setting up and directing. 
Luckily I was not pretty enough to be on camera, they only wanted Mendy-who wouldn't? Many of you who know Mendy know that she HATES to be on camera, unfortunately for her she looks good on camera! HA! (yes my opinion)
The cake design was pretty frickin cool, the theme  (Alice in Wonderland) was pretty frickin cool, the whole event was pretty frickin cool. Mendy only had a limited amount of time make the cake, not only one but....Oh I dont think I can say-you will have to watch this weekend on the WE network. 
It airs Sunday the 16th at 9:00 p.m.
All and all the experience was fantastic and like always David Tutera and his team were amazing and made Mendy feel 100% comfortable. A huge thank you to David and his team from me! For a sneak peek you can follow the link.

Thank you for reading-


  1. I'm so happy for Mendy. a million years ago i cut Medy's hair in Jacksonville Florida. I was so happy to see her face on My fair wedding with David Tutera. Congrats on your great success Mendy! ps, your hair looked great!

  2. I saw the episode and it was wonderful. Your cakes were beautiful and I wish I could have tasted them, especially the chocolate and the one with the lemon curd. Beautiful!

  3. I watched it last night! Mendy is amazing Gabriel, but I'm sure you know that already. I was drooling during the cake tasting part. The red velvet cake looked YUMMY!! Sonia M.


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