The rabbit hole

As some of you may know and some may not Mendy and I got married this last December. Well for our honeymoon Mendy wanted to revisit the place that had a huge influence on her career-Austria and Germany, the lands of AWESOME desserts! Well I agreed to go because it was also the land of AWESOME beer, but this blog isnt about beer now is it?

Well we visited every single place that Mendy wanted to "sample" desserts or places she passed on her way to work when she was learning her skills. We visited almost every dessert place in Germany and Austria.
One place Demel, which is well known throughout Europe founded in 1786, was a place we frequented often while in Vienna-well about 10 lbs later and at the end of our honeymoon, we went for a last visit.

We had our usual dinner which consisted of 3 pastries each and 3 beers for me, however this time instead of rolling away stuffed with a bunch of yummy stuff that I could not even begin to pronounce the names we decided to explore the facilities. With a little bit of liquid courage I decided to venture into an off limits area, pop the door open and bam, a secret room closed to the general public but not today! It was open for me and my new bride!

It was a small wooden door with a spiral metal stairway leading down to a secret room, just like Alice in Wonderland. It was a room filled with a blue haired woman, an oversize bunny rabbit, a big egg, some upside down cakes or person of some sort and all made of sugar! My apology for not being able to describe what each was made of-Mendy knows-but hey I just eat the cake.
Yeah sounds pretty amazing-I thought so and so did Mendy!
As soon as Mendy took a peek she just went full bore down the stairwell ignoring the do not enter sign, just like Alice down the ole rabbit hole!

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