Steamed Punked

Ok, yes I KNOW I KNOW, long time and opening up with a repeat? Well not really, this is an update. Mendy made this cake for Tori and Dean's Story Book Weddings. The show aired last night on Oxygen, I am glad I did not do my hair because they didnt show us delivering the cake-but I am ok with that-Mendy has the looks.
Well here is a screen grab of Tori and Dean with Mendy's AWESOME steam punk cake-I will post another recent cake soon.......I promise!
Thank you for reading!

Hello? cricket cricket? Anybody? Its been a while and my apologies for my long absence. But lets just get right into the good stuff, yes?
I what I am going to show you is a sneak peak of a cake Mendy made for Miss Tori Spelling. She has a new show out! Who would have figured? Mendy (Cakes by the Pound) was contacted by the production company of the show to come up with a steam punk design, and Mendy's favorite type of cake is one that she is given creative freedom.
Well then the madness began, the pencil sharpener was working on overload as Mendy started on one of many designs until she was happy with the final one.
Mendy even made the robotic bride and groom topper to match-I thought it was all pretty cool and I am sure Tori Spelling/couple and production company were happy.
Thank you for reading-
Gabriel Vidauri

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