Double Trouble

Twins! A boy and a girl, wrapped around a pea pod is what we have here.
This is a baby shower cake and what better way to represent two babies!  I wish I had more of a back story to the cake but Mendy wasn't around for me to pick her brain. All I know it was made for an expectant mother of two.
The flavor is a Valrhona chocolate Turtle Cake-chocolate black out cake with Valrhona Ganache, our in house caramel cream as well as our in house pecan brittle with Frangelico.
All of the decorations are edible and yes, my skills were used on the painting of the crate. Mendy was overseeing to make sure I didnt try to carve my initials on it.
Thanks for reading.

Be ready for a post from Mendy, she always gives me a funny look after she reads my post.

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