Mendy in the city

     Yes, I know the title is cheesy, but if you know me you will know that I am too. Well it has been some time since my last post, but I have finally had some time to locate some of these fantastic pictures of Mendy's NYC cake/trip.
Cakes by the Pound got commissioned to make a cake for Sin. Who is Sin? He is Destin Pfaffs and Rachel Federoff's baby boy. Who is Rachel and Destin? They are two of the stars of The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Mendy had a cake tasting for Patty Stanger, who no longer is getting married-hhmmm I wonder if she is gonna still need that cake? Probably NOT!
Back to Sins cake. Destin asked Mendy if she could fly out to NYC and make a cake for their sons first birthday. Which would also be featured in an article in Life and Style Magazine (I think that is pretty cool).
Yep off to NYC for a quick trip.
The event was held at Dylans Candy Bar in NYC, what a fantastic location. The place was colorful and boy full of candy but talk about sugar overload! ! I know all those kids are going to have a sugar high that will last until Christmas.
After an INSANE delivery ride (uh yeah we jumped in a cab to deliver the cake). Boy was I a wreck, Mendy on the other hand cool as a cumber, so was the damn cab driver. I think I aged about 5 years on that ride. Well the best part was dropping off the cake and seeing everybody expression
So after all the who ha and red eyes back and forth.  Our trip to NYC was all thumbs up!
On her way home, Mendy ran into one of her fellow cake designers, Kate Sullivan.
Lets see, happy parents, a very happy 1 year old, a chat with Kate Sullivan,  a spot in Life and Style magazine, and maybe just maybe a small cameo on the Millionaire Matchmaker. I think we got very lucky to have been commissioned to do the cake. Oh right the cake..................
This is what Mendy came up with-----
Thanks for looking and reading!


  1. That cake is freakin rad!!!!! Mendy has mad skills!!!!

  2. Hey, I'm a big fan of yours too! Wow, I really love that cake!!


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